About Scott Mathias CHHC.AADP

As a Holistic Health Coach, Author and Raw Food Chef, Scott found his passion for nutrition and healthy eating after curing himself of chronic acid reflux, which plagued him for more than 45yrs. 

10 years ago, he almost died… twice!  Two weeks in a row he woke out of a sleep where he dreamt he was choking, only to find that he couldn’t get a breath. 

For 45 years he suffered with chronic ACID REFLUX and had to sleep propped up in a sitting position, but on those 2 occasions, he had slipped down in his bed and unfortunately, the reflux attack caused liquid food to run into his lungs.

Thankfully, he managed to survive both times, but on the second occasion, he realized he was in trouble and that if he didn’t do something quickly, he could die! 

He had a family to support and he didn’t want his daughter growing up without her dad, so he started to do some research and through that effort, came across a product that literally saved his life and set Scott down a path that he's delighted to say, allows him to help thousands of other people to identify and heal health issues that have been troubling them for a long time.

It took Scott about 12 months to finally rid his body of all the toxins, aches and pains he had been carrying about for most of his life.  Scott felt so good and he wanted to share his experience with others who were suffering similar issues.  He wanted to tell them about the 'food' that helped him heal his body.

Scott is a Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2012 and, since then, has written three books (a fourth on its way - working title "The Ultimate Gut Fix') which is based on understanding how the gut works and also contacts lots more plant based recipes.  He's helped hundreds of people to look for the cause of their discomfort and to make the necessary changes to help their bodies heal naturally. 

Over the years, Scott has developed hundreds of plant based recipes that can help heal the body quickly and easily... no matter what the disease. 

During his early career as a TV and Radio journalist, Scott spent a lot of time on researching and reporting newsworthy stories. Today, he spends much of his time researching and sharing knowledge about the many benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Through this platform, Scott's goal is to make that knowledge available to you, the reader and/or student to digest... pun intended :) 

Scott is the Author of three gut health and raw vegan recipe books, which are sold internationally.

       'Let's Eat RAW'- Recipe Book                          RAW Vegan Meals -Recipe Book

                    'Understanding the Divine Gut -How To Eat Your Way

                                               To Ultimate Gut Health'

Scott has been featured in a number of high profile Health Magazines and interviewed on radio and podcasts, in Australia and the United States.

Feature story in Holistic Bliss Magazine November, 2016 with 50k subscribers and a 'hand around' of 100k, Australia and international audience.

                                             2-Page Feature in the Noosa News

                      ABC Radio - Australia -Essential Ingredient with Kelli Brett

                                      Channel 7 -Weekender Magazine Show

With 'Weight Loss Guru' and Best Selling International Author (The Gabriel Method) and Coach Jon Gabriel

Preparing Vegan Plant Based Food With John Gabriel and International Motivational Coach -Author and Bali Bomb Survivor, Carren Smith

                          All Plant Based Vegan Master Classes Since 2012

Numerous public appearances and cooking demonstrations

: The EKKA in Brisbane with Celebrity Chef, Dominque Rizzo

 With 14-Time NZ Author and Cousin, Food, Travel and Lifestyle Bon Vivant, Peta Mathias

Scott brings his entire life experience, including 30+ years as a journalist, into the course curriculum. He owes his life to 'himself' - literally making hard choices which, for his age, led to amazing vitality and mobility. Scott has created Gutfixx Education with his long time partner and former UK - 'RichBrits' Networking Guru, Clare Darwish.

'No one need suffer from any form of pain any longer' -Scott Mathias

Scott Mathias CHHC.AADP Australian Based Integrative Wellness Practitioner, Gut Whisperer, Author & Plant Based Vegan Chef

No part of the information shared on this site is designed to diagnose or prescribe.  For information and educational purposes only. Please consult your MD for chronic health issues.


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