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The Secrets To Perfect Health

This 7 Day Meal Planner with Recipes will help you try a Whole Food Plant Based diet for one week.  On day 8 you can decide to continue or not.

You will experience more energy, a feeling of lightness and sleep may improve dramatically.  Aches and pains may also disappear during your 'test' period. 

The coloured wall chart will make it easy for you to plan ahead and the recipes will make it super easy for you to prepare delicious meals for you and your family. 

See for yourself what all the hype is about!!

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4am - 12 noon

Eliminate waste from yesterday with a light cleansing breakfast that will boost your energy and set you up for your day!  Simple carbs in the morning provides you with energy to boost your day.

Lunch | Dinner

12 noon - 8pm

Ingestion, Digestion and Absorption. This is the time to feed your body with the proteins and vitamins needed to maintain optimal health.  Best time of the day to eat larger meals.

Rest | Fast

8pm - 4am

Rejuvenation takes place as we sleep.  Try to eat dinner/supper BEFORE 8pm. As your body rests, new cells are developing.  Overloading the body at night will slow this process down.


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